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My friend and I wandered into HonkyTonk Central in Nashville on Saturday and were treated to an amazing show by Donny Lee. We cheered really loud when we heard he was a fellow Canadian and of course threw some money into the tip jar when he came around. I saw quite a few performances while I was in Nashville but this one stood out because of the energy and relationship he had with the crowd. Plus he was the only headliner I saw that took the tip jar around personally so he could interact with the fans. Others bands had junior members do that job while they stayed on stage. But the other members of Donny's group rocked out and kept the party atmosphere going while he schmoozed the crowd. I thought this was a nice personal touch. We chatted for a few minutes as we are both from Hamilton and I appreciated the time he took to say a few words to my friend and I. As I said, I saw plenty of bands that had zero personal connection with the audience and their performances will fade from my memory real quick. But this one will stay. I hope to catch one of his shows next time I'm in Alberta as I go there often for work.”

— Trisha Gillings

He puts on a fantastic all around country show and caters to the crowd. He & his wife Shauna are great people. My son has down syndrome & every time we visit Nashville they (Donny & Shauna) treat my son (Eric) the best. Donny always takes time to acknowledge my son. Wonderful people”

— Richard Trebus

We saw Donny Lee for the first time at Honky Tonk Central in Nashville where he put on an amazing show - great interaction with the crowd, high energy and super tunes, new and old!! So glad we were able to see him again in Hamilton where he put on another awesome show!! Don’t pass up an opportunity to catch Donny Lee - you’ll love him!”

— Kim Forrester

We saw Donny Lee play in Lloydminster, Alberta after my husband won us tickets from the radio station. My husband, myself and our two sons and daughter went to the show. My sons were not thrilled about the idea when we left home, but by the end of the show they were pumped by the amazing performance. My daughter was over the moon excited because Donny asked her up on stage to play his guitar while he sang because she had put a donation in the bowl at the front of the stage for the local food bank. He was so down to earth and kind. We visited with him during intermission and got autographs and a photo taken with him! For my kids this was their first concert, and I couldn't be more pleased with this talented artist's performance giving them a lasting first concert memory! I think more artists need to be like Donny and genuinely care about the people they are performing for. If I ever go to Nashville I'll be sure to go to his show! If he comes back this way I'll make sure to get tickets! Keep up the amazing work Donny Lee!”

— Raewyn Fritz

Went to see Donny Lee at Sherwood Park, AB Festival Place and he was Fantastic. I loved all the Classic Country he played and when he sang a few of his own songs like Chip and a Chair I was very pleased with just how much Talent Donny Lee really has. He connects with people he knows in the crowd and we as fans, that's what we want. So he's doing it right, he needs to be on bigger stages and play at more venues, maybe some music � Festivals. I'm proud to say I'm Canadian � and very proud that he is too. I'm going to Nashville next year and I'm going to find his show. Great Singing”

— Charlene Goode - Nevers

Let me tell you... #DONNYLEE is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met! When he talks to you, he ACTUALLY looks at you. He will have a conversation with you as if you have been long lost friends. This big-hearted family man also puts on a truly spectacular show. You feel like family when he starts and makes you feel like YOU matter! When thanking you for coming out he means it. When he talks about his family, it brings the tears...FOR EVERYONE and he is truly humble. Felt like an imtimate setting like sitting a fire pit with your best buds! His talent surpasses many of the greatest artists of our time and he is bound to surpass your expectations. If you ever come across his name anywhere he is a MUST to see. He is an original, intelligent artist / lyricist, not enough good things to say. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH! Now lets have a holler and a swaller! Rock on ... Donny Lee”

— Angie J Carroll

Went to see Donny in Airdrie. An amazing show. Definitely will go see him again when the opportunity arises. We are hoping he will be in Nashville on our next trip down. Pretty sure I’ll be stalking his locations next time we are there lol. It was a great show Donny. Loved your own songs you sang as well as the did an amazing job on them. Also loved your interactions with the audience. Hope to see you again sometime soon....and this time I’ll bring my hubby. Keep on doing what your doing”

— Judy Barton